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Post by Meister XD on Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:32 am

CBD clan was born in 2013 under the name of BlackFire clan (B.Fire). It was founded by Slaughter, alias Frozen warrior, ex KitKat.
Than z0rn and Carontes, alias ARMAGEDDON, both ex KitKat, joined the clan in 2014 spring. In the 2014 summer the clan saw two new members called pin, alias akZ, and Backin9, both invited by Carontes. After that, the clan changed name to CyBerDragons clan (CBD), to seem more cool and to attrct more players, that results in a vain try.
Than, after some troubles, Slaughter momently left the clan because of some annoying players and z0rn became inactive. Finally Slaughter decided to come back, inspite of his problems with annoying players. After a short time, akZ became inactive and Carontes left, after had decided to improve to re-join. At that moment Slaughter left and closed the clan, re-opened the day after by Carontes.
Than, in 2014 autumn begin, akZ left, z0rn was proclaimed out and only Carontes and Backin9 remained. Slaughter joined FUTURE. Carontes tried to make the clan a vecxis clan too, but in vain, because it hadn't the minimum number of member to officially join it.

The Future Nexuiz Clan was founded on September 4th in 2014 by Chiller and Meister XD.
Some people had the opinion that nexuiz had lost it's feeling. There used to be a time when there were more active clans especially on the minsta ctf servers. Maybe it was because of Xonotic. Which clan should relatively new players or players without a clan join?
All in all this was a very said development. Nexuiz is more than freezetag! We wanted to give nexuiz minsta ctf and deathmatch a future.

On September 18th FUTURE's member Slaughter made the suggestions to fuse with another clan, the CyBerDragons clan. There were a lot of discussions but finally all members agreed. The official fusion date was on 19th October however all members had already used the CBF tag before. CBD and FUTURE hoped to become more known when they are bigger. With the fusion CyBerFuture had 5 members: Carontes, Slaughter, Backin9, Chiller and Meister who are kind of founders of CBF.

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