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How to apply

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How to apply Empty How to apply

Post by Meister XD on Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:32 am

For those who want to become a CyBerFuture member:

As the first condition you have to share all of our ideas and values which are listed in the post "Our Clan..." (About us).
When you have decided to apply, the fist step is to join our forum. You have not to be invited by a member, but of course this would cast a positive light on you! Then write a little application in the categorie "Applications". This isn't a really formal application, it's just that we get some information about our new member. (look at the example below).
After this step just wait a few days, because all of the members have the right to vote for or against your membership, so be nice to them! We also need the time to meet you and test you a bit ingame.
When all members agree a leader will contact you. He will allow you to call youself a trial-member of CyBerFuture.
Than show that you match to our clan and after a week or two, a leader will appoint you to a real member of CyBerFuture.

 Example of an application:

Hi Cyberfuture clan  Cool

I'm Meister XD, I'm 16 years old and I come  from Berlin, Germany. I have been playing nexuiz for one and a half year now. You can find me playing minsta ctf or sometimes deathmatch on the Element or the AxG servers.  
Meister XD invited me and I share your ideas of a future for nexuiz minsta ctf/ dm and a community of friendly players who have fun together ingame.
That's why I want to join Cyberfuture! For a short time i joined the KitKat clan but it split up.
Hope to become part of your community!

Cu ingame!
Meister XD

Compulsive information:

- age and where you come from
- for how long you have been playing nexuiz
- who invited you
- which modes you play and on which servers you are on
- reason why you want to join
- ingame names
- in which clans you used to be
- ... and all other information which are important for you/u

Meister XD
Meister XD
Meister XD

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